Family Weekend

Weekend Highlights

Family Weekend is one of our most treasured events at Brown. It’s a time when students can share their lives on campus with their families, giving them a glimpse of the intellectual and cultural vitality of their home away from home.

Click on the links below to see recordings from the weekend.


Educating your Student at Brown: Life & Learning Inside & Outside the Classroom | Salomon Center for Teaching

Senior administrators from the College and Campus Life will talk about the undergraduate experience at Brown: navigating the Open Curriculum, exploring academic and career pathways, and engaging with a wide range of intellectual, personal, and community-building opportunities and resources inside and outside the classroom. This event will highlight a number of ongoing and new initiatives as well as provide space to ask questions. The event will also be available via live stream. 

President's Welcome and Family Weekend Keynote | Salomon Center for Teaching

Join President Paxson as she welcomes Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist CJ Chivers to Brown to deliver this year’s Family Weekend keynote address,  “Fostering Freedom of Expression in Polarized Times.” Following Mr. Chiver’s talk, he will sit with President Paxson for a discussion/Q&A session, where questions will be collected from audience members.  The event will begin with an introduction by the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS) President, Mina Sarmas. The event will also be available via live stream.

Featured Speaker: C.J. Chivers has worked for 24 years at The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine, primarily covering conflict, crime, the arms trade and human rights on assignments overseas. He has shared two Pulitzer Prizes and in 2017 he won a third for his investigation of the case of a young veteran from the war in Afghanistan suffering from post-traumatic stress who was incarcerated in Illinois for a crime he could not recall. As a result of that reporting, the veteran was released from prison. Mr. Chivers now teaches a class on war reporting and critical thinking at Columbia University. A resident of Rhode Island, he is also a commercial fisherman, oyster farmer, beekeeper, and micro-farming homesteader, exploring with his family the roles and value of low-carbon, sustainable, local food systems in a rapidly changing world. His son, Mick Chivers, is a member of the Class of 2024.

IBES Alumni Panel Discussion: “Frontiers in Private Sector Climate Action”

Following introductory remarks by IBES Director Dr. Kim Cobb, hear from distinguished Brown alumni working at the forefront of innovative climate solutions in a panel discussion moderated by a student and followed by a Q&A session. 

Faculty Research Forum | Navigating the Undergraduate Research Ecosystem at Brown | The Salomon Center for Teaching

There are different ways by which students can engage in undergraduate research at Brown. In this moderated session featuring faculty panelists Laura Snyder, Senior Lecturer in Education, Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Baylor Fox-Kemper, Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, we will have a conversation about the undergraduate research experience at Brown. The panel will be moderated by Oludurotimi Adetunji, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Research and Inclusive Science after a brief introductory remark.

Alumni Relations Forum with Thomas Mallon '73 | The Salomon Center for Teaching

In “Me and My Shadow: Living With Richard Nixon,” Thomas Mallon draws on decades of his written and spoken considerations of the political figure who has dominated his imagination more than any other. The talk, accompanied by dozens of photographs, reconstructs the four years of the Nixon presidency that the Class of 1973 lived through at Brown, and explores the university’s unique connections to the Watergate scandal, through such alumni as E. Howard Hunt and Charles Colson. But mostly it seeks to understand Mallon’s appalled sympathy for (and sometimes even identification with) Nixon, from the time of the Kennedy-Nixon election of 1960, when he was nine years old, through the writing of his novel about Nixon and Watergate, and finally on to the tumultuous politics of the present moment. “The personal is political” was an idea that had great currency during the Class of ’73’s time at Brown. “Me and My Shadow” demonstrates that the political is also deeply personal. The event will also be available via livestream.